A « smart-up »

As a social start-up, 1D Lab chose the specific legal form Cooperative Company (SCIC) in order to propose a shared governance and to dedicate its actions to the benefit of common goods and general interest.

which experiments and innovates

According to 1D Lab, inventing new answers and new models means to permanently lead collective experimentations that rely on a network of partners committed to serving cultural diversity.

devoted to independent creation.

1D Lab aims at reinforcing the diffusion and remuneration of independent creations thanks to digital services and resources.


diMusic, the 1st fair-trade streaming platform

With a 100% independent catalogue, diMusic is the first worldwide fair-trade streaming platform dedicated to independent cultural contents.

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Innovative solutions

We develop digital products and services which aim at offering sustainable alternatives to existing economic models.

Our solutions

A laboratory for experimentations

In order to tackle major challenges (such as cultural outreach, prescription, human-machine interfaces, big data and smart cities) 1D Lab has acquired a prospective space where, through a process of collective thinking, new areas of reflection and innovation are to be incubated.

Our experimentations

A consulting office

Based on collaborative project building and design thinking, 1D Lab guides professionals around questions of digital territorial agenda and digital transitions and uses.

Our studies