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diMusic is an historic project which gave birth to the 1D Lab company

diMusic keeps being at the heart of 1D Lab activities even if new expertises and experimentations are growing in order to complement the streaming platform. Here is the video presentation:

A digital platform with independent cultural contents

Initiated in 2010 in order to answer in a collective way to the growing issues of share value on the digital tools, diMusic is today to first worldwide fair trade streaming platform dedicated to independent contents.

It is based on an innovative business model and fairer for cultural content creators (artists, producers): territorial creative contribution (CTC). Faced with globalized offers, it intends indeed re-territorialize economic logic as much as dynamic prescription and discovery.

Another special particular: it wanted from its very beginning to expand its territory to all creative fields (video games, motion picture , publishing) where the smaller market contributors (studios, publishers and producers) are experiencing the same difficulties in accessing market, economic balance, and retain full ownership of their creations.

diMusic is therefore a global experiment – both multidisciplinary and multi- territorial – in search of an alternative and sustainable economic model.

An innovative business model

Because new digital use is mainly free, it seems to be ambitious to quickly find an audience willing to pay for less well known contents.
The desire is also to build a network of places and actors in order to make live, in the physical world, new logics of sharing, meeting, discovering and creating a cutural diversity. diMusic aims to create this link.
The service access is possible by a subscription fee paid by the project located partners (libraries, showrooms, work’s councils….) to their members which grants a membership exchange access to the diMusic platform so that the user has to get in touch with one of the locations in order to subscribe first.

An international catalog and editorialised from 20 million media references

The platform, based on agreements with a number of digital distributors (Believe Digital, Idol, Harmonia Mundi, Pias, CD1D ) already offers nearly one million musical references. It gradually develops its offer to videogames (through a partnership with Plug In Digital), the moving image (thanks to exclusive contents from Ardèche Images and Lussas festival) and soon the book and the independent comics.

Bold recommendation tools and regionalised requirements

diMusic creates prescription interfaces enabling partners and customers to make selections to guide their members in their cultural discoveries. Algorithmic tools are added to expand the  » musical journey  » of the user from his researches and through independent counter proposals.

Promising first results

After an experimental phase of about 18 months (June 2013 / December 2014), diMusic was able to measure the relevance and uniqueness of its position and its biases. It has also been able to achieve sustainable results in terms of representation and compensation of the beneficiaries even the experiment had only been limited to 4 partners/users in the Rhône-Alpes area: more than 130,000 independent songs spread/broadcasted to more than 20,000 members and a full strong support to more than 2,000 artists et 500 indie companies. More info on this subject here.


diMusic is built with all stakeholders, cultural content producers (labels, publishers, editors… ) to user (libraries, theaters…) through collaborators (research laboratories, designers, developers, local authorities…) and funders.

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