The Project


A land of cultural innovation laboratory

1D Lab intends, through services and digital resources, strengthen the dissemination and remuneration of independent creations. We pursue three objectives for the benefit of three types of actors :

  • Submit creators (artists and content producers) fairer remuneration models.

  • Provide the general public innovative solutions for discovering independent creations.

  • Supporting cultural sites and territories in their digital transition policies.

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Increasing recognition

  • Finalist 2014 Great Solidarity Finance Award The World / Finansol

  • Winner of ‘Culture’ 2014 Rhône-Alpes Trophy ESS

  • Carel labeling (digital resources in libraries) in November 2014

  • Imaginov labeling on the program « Algorithms Bold »

  • Frenchtech ambassador for Saint Etienne Métropole bid

  • Quarterly forums « Culture and Digital » for the Observatory of Cultural Policies


The cooperative

The 1D Lab business plan is embodied through a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC), which falls within the dynamics and values ​​of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and the Social Innovation. This choice allows to bring together in a same space, all the actors of the creative and cultural ecosystem: artists, producers, venues, libraries, communities, public and private partners. It also highlights the will to act in logical shared governance and general interest, offering the benefit of smaller players (artisans, creating TPE), a viable and sustainable business model, measurement realities and culture sector and creative industries mutations. At the last General Assembly, 25 new natural or legal persons have returned to the cooperative that today has 35 members in 5 colleges of the whole creative ecosystem (creators, distributors, employees, associations and federations, members Support).

Les implantations

Saint-Étienne: Creative Quarter

The SCIC Lab 1D settled in the heart of the creative district of Saint-Etienne in Spring 2014 where its head office is spread over 200m2 of offices and fab lab. On the former Manufacture website that gives it its name, Manufacture Plaine Achille the area (MPA) is dedicated to innovation in all its forms. Thus, the district is now home to over more than 100 hectares, the Cité du Design, a number of higher education institutions (School of Art and Design, Telecom Saint-Etienne, … IRAM), the optical division Rhône-Alpes , a nursery specializing around the creative professions or third place Mixer – including ourselves. The ambition of the agglomeration is to make « the district of creative professions, the brainpower, innovation; a creative hub that allows permanent networking between daily life, technology, art, culture and leisure. »


5 rue Javelin Pagnon, 42000 Saint-Étienne

Paris : the Gaîté Lyrique

In the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, the Gaîté Lyrique hosts the secondary office of 1D Lab within the residence Créatis. It is thought this space dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship that 1D Lab has been developing its activities since november 2014 in Paris.

Secondary office

C/O Gaîté Lyrique, Créatis Residence, 3 rue Papin, 75003 Paris

The team


Gérard Debrinay


01 Eric

Éric Pétrotto


02 Cedric

Cédric Claquin

International development manager


Anais Achouri



Fabrice Koszyk

Business Developer


Frantz Steinbach

Île-De-France Management


Frédéric Audibert

Sales manager


Thomas Béquin

Sales manager

11 Thomas

Thomas Parquier


12 Gregoire

Grégoire Colson

IT Development

1D Lab

Photos credits : Pierre Grasset