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Digital transition and usage

The development of the diMusic platform led the team 1D Lab to work with varied universe of crosses: from social economy to culture, to transport, innovation or tourism. The interlocutors and partners 1D Lab, in their diversity and conceal skills and expertise particularly complementary.

Space and services designers, elected representatives, artists, web developers, cultural technicians in libraries, theaters, public festivals, town planners… Permanently exchanging ideas with these actors to make sure the product and its specific services and their needs and uses grow well, 1D Lab has developed a unique expertise in articulating different resources, human, financial and technical in the service of digital projects. We are eager to share this combination of skills with new project initiators and go with those who may wish towards numerical transitions.

The work methods well tested by 1D Lab in the heart of innovation family are focused on users & usages.

In accordance with the philosophy of the Living Labs in particular, we like to involve some users as co-designers of the innovations in the same way as the other stakeholders, elected representatives, technicians and providers. These community-built projects will then be the subject of full-scale experimentations, established in-context and in real situations.

The complementarity of the individual experiences of stakeholders – Coordination of project territory, with the support in the digital transition and the creation of collective and innovative models – provides a comprehensive intellectual and operational framework for a variety of projects.

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Prefiguration study for cluster (Loire-Semène)

The local council Loire – Semène (43) entrusted Lab 1D in conducting a foreshadowing of study on the feasibility of a pole of economic activities and digital uses on its territory.

Meeting with the actors that give life to it, we identify the dynamics which are already working and open to feed with synergies this future environment that could welcome teleworking and coworking spaces with a high set of quality services, a fab lab and a cultural offer yet to be defined.

Mediation study (CNV)

How to develop new audience for the diffusion places of music? And diversify what the habitutual audience use to listen?
How could it be possible to increase a new audience for places which spread “musiques actuelles”? How could it be possible to diversify the listening or viewing time of a regular audience?

With the support of CNV (Center national for the chanson, variety and jazz), 1D Lab open a new work about musical mediation in different places in order to build, with a connected professionals community, respecting the plurality of their activities, funds ressources to reinforce the artistic diversity and diffusion of new artists.