Innovative solutions

The creative industries and new numerical models tend to reproduce sometimes under the guise of technical innovations, old patterns of concentration and inequality between actors. To offer new alternatives to the creation of artisans as well as public, 1D Lab will explore innovative models to take advantage of new technologies to ensure the maintenance of a varied supply of cultural content accessible to the greatest number.

A model of fair remuneration : the territorial creative contribution (TCC)

Alternative and innovative established business model in the fair streaming platform diMusic, the Territorial Creative Contribution (TCC) is the solution to the project’s starting point : the remuneration of artists and producers. It has been the topic of a collective and progressive construction.

Répartition des recettes nettes abonnements

The TCC is collected from our partners that subscribe to diMusic for their members. Then the TCC is redistributed following a mechanism promoting cultural diversity. Revenue from subscriptions is distributed among the beneficiaries, as follows :

  • a fixed share : 15% based on the number of references, so based on the participation in the catalog diversity
  • a variable component : 40 % depending on the number of tracks played
  • a solidarity savings funds : 10% feed a fund that could support producers and maintain their stability, and to fund community projects

The remainder is allocated to the internal activities of the company (20 %) and R&D (15%).

Tactile devices for mediation

In order to materialize in partner places the service offered by the platform, three models of tactile devices are available today, incorporating a dedicated design: metal structure, signage, screen printed posters, lighting, seating design.

They are equipped with high quality sound system (speakers and headphones) through partnership with the Focal brand, and can be purchased or rented when subscribing to a diMusic membership.

True gateway to the diMusic solution, these connected tools are shaped to allow a first public mediation with these diversity and independent cultures issues.

Co- built teaching tools

This diMusic journey brought us , and for many years now, to the crossing of different universes such as.:concert halls, media libraries, youth associations/centers, secondary/high schools. So many rich uses and experiences which allowed us, along with cultural players and users, to start questioning ourselves about the ways and means of the musical discovery and identify some communities of musical mediation and widely cultural.

It seems to us that it should be very important to formalize our thoughts in a more open and formalized frame so that the practices of everyone could be shared more effectively and to allow innovative discovery and alternative and creating promoting tools to all through digital and physical mediums.

In a spirit of continuous work, a national work group named “Mediation and independent cultures” is fully operating on these very subject. If you wish to be part of it or simply share your experiences or thoughts feel free to leave your contact infos or get directly in touch with us!


Cédric Claquin